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Bronze Table Bells

We associate ringing for service with the times when kings and lords ruled. They would ring to call their servants who attended to their every petty need. Today the times are different, table bells are not only a decoration, but also, they retained their original purpose. Our elegant bronze table bells can be used in venues from different industries:  the food and drink industry like bars, restaurants and wedding venues, hotel industry like reception, lounge or conference rooms or in the health sector so in private hospitals, clinics or nursing homes. This multi-purpose decoration can be used as a tabletop ornament at weddings, elegant dinners, Christmas family get-togethers as well as at Christmas markets. They can be used by children or elderly people with mobility problems. Our bronze table bells also have collector’s value and can add splendor to a collection of utility bells. They are tiny works of art made with great attention to detail and high-quality material. ‘The heart’ of the bell is made of bronze and creates a loud and distinct but also attention-grabbing and enjoyable sound. Table bells are extremely easy to use as they are operated manually and don’t require any other power sources. They will make a great gift for Mother’s Day or huntsman. Discover our wide selection of bronze table bells.

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