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Animal Bronze Sculptures

Zoomorphic sculptures are probably the second most popular theme used not only by sculptors, but also by artists from other branches of art. Depictions of individual animals, couples and groups appear very often in art and are a beautiful theme. Animals give artists the opportunity to show their talent and technique. Both pets, as well as more exotic animals, are popular. Horses always inspired artists the most whether solo or in groups, with a rider, standing or at a gallop. They were often displayed on large-scale monuments as additions to rulers or warriors. Other elegant animals often chosen by artists include lions or eagles, often shown in very dynamic poses, during a fight or attack or a hunt. Check out our offer and discover bronze animal sculptures, you’ll find many interesting figures. ‘Fighting horses’, ‘Mare and foal’ or ‘Arabian Horse’ will surely delight not only lovers of those animals. The beautiful and majestic ‘Eagle on the Rock’ can elevate both the interior of the house and the garden. We also recommend realistic bronze sculptures depicting hunting scenes or forest animals beloved by hunters, such as: ‘Deer hunting’, ‘Grizzly bear’ or a pheasant sculpture. A bronze sculpture of an elephant with a raised trunk or a wise owl is a great gift. For a wedding or anniversary gift, we recommend the swan – a symbol of eternal love. Finally, we cannot forget about the dynamic sculpture inspired by the work of Antoine-Louis Barye ‘Lion and Serpent’

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