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Bronze Sculptures

Welcome in the world of bronze sculptures… Since the dawn of time, artists and craftsmen have taken a liking to this semi-precious metal blend and have been using it not only to create weapons and tools, but also for casting of sculptures and decorations. The great return of this metal can be observed at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was chosen by great sculptors who used it to make bronze castings, following the master of this technique and of large-size sculptures, a Frenchman, Auguste Rodin. We carefully hand-pick our large bronze sculptures. All bronze sculptures are made using the lost wax method. You can see the craftsmanship and precision in every detail. Each one has the artist’s signature or a stamp of the foundry in which they were made, proving their authenticity. Sometimes they also have a serial number if they come from a limited collection. The figures are made very carefully, with attention to the smallest detail. We offer a wide range of topics: from popular figurines such as ‘wise owl’ or ‘lucky elephant’, through references to Women Bronze Sculptures and Men Bronze Sculptures typical for a particular period in art or for a contemporary artists. We also offer sculptures inspired by the works of great, famous worldwide artists, such as Canova, Barye or Degas. These unique works of art are timeless and make a great impression. Due to the abundance of details and their realism, they are suitable for many interiors, classic and modern as well as public or private. A bronze sculpture in classic style or modern is a decoration that gives the interior that feeling of exclusiveness and artistic expression. It’s a great investment.

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